Survey Intragalactic Series

Are you like me – someone who has always loved space opera and stories with imaginative worlds? Growing up, I was a huge fan of Star Trek, Star Wars, and Babylon 5. I loved imagining myself in these worlds, fighting for what’s right, helping aliens, or taking on the bad guys. But as someone who is queer, neurodivergent, polyamorous, and spiritual, I found it hard to find characters like me in these stories. My asexual, non-binary, BIPOC friends and family members had the same experience.

That’s why I wrote the Survey Intragalactic series. I wanted to create a world where people like me, and those I love, could exist. I wrote characters that I wished I could have seen in science fiction – ones that were more representative of diverse experiences. I wanted to share this world with my wife, my niece, my chosen family, and anyone else who felt left out of the typical sci-fi stories.

The Survey Intragalactic series isn’t perfect – after all, we’re all human, and we all have our flaws. But it’s a world that I wish I could be in, and one that I hope you’ll enjoy too. If you’re someone who feels different, like me, then I invite you to join me in my world, the world of Survey. You might just find a part of yourself in these pages. Discover the possibilities of a more inclusive future and immerse yourself in a story that speaks to your own unique experiences.

If you are low on cash and can’t afford to get a copy, but want an ebook copy, contact me and I’ll sort you out.

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If you prefer audio versions, you can tune into the Tales from Flat Space podcast. I read live on my Sunday Twitch streams at 11 pm Central European Time (5 pm Eastern/ 2 pm Pacific US). After the stream, you can listen through the player below, or find it through the platforms listed. The audio will be posted approximately a week after the live stream.