Lent Poetry: Anxiety

Sometimes you’re just left bare because the emotions just flood you and you can’t stand right. a forging of the soul when you know you can’t hide from whatever you are and you just have to ride the wave because if you fight it it will eat you

Lent Poetry: Sleepy

you know it’s time for bed when you are watching YouTube without thinking about it because right now that is what I’m doing and writing poetry because that’s the 21st century and my wife is home and I’m not so yeah time for bed

Lent Poetry: Hiving

we did magick we watched the product of all of our teaching and work get along without us with tears and pride we said so long for we will merry meet and merry part and Mary Tyler Moore

Lent Poetry: Disappeared

Why must I amputate my stomach to fulfill some fucked up standards of “health” and “beauty”? why is it i feel like I am bashing my head against walls when I talk about how I think this is just medically sanctioned anorexia why must i be shamed and abused and medically neglected “for my health” […]

Lent Poetry: All The Feels

feeling lots of things inside out upside down all the things anxiety is a demon that lives to torment and here I am trying to tame it with a body that won’t function right anymore and a body that most will shame before they will believe me anxiety can be a demon of other people’s […]

Lent Poetry: He is a Healer

He comes to me lays His hands on my head and says: “I can’t promise you that things will get better. I can’t tell you that there won’t be more violence in My name. I can tell you that you will have life and love and laughter and sorrow before you cross over. You need […]

Lent Poetry: Two Weeks

I am ready for the boxes to be packed and the movers to take away the contents of our house I am ready to see the sun from a different place to experience the seasons and unpack boxes I am ready to set up altars and desks to do writing in the new house I […]