Zurich Reflections #1: I Think I’m in Love

I didn’t think I could fall in love with a city, but I’m falling in love with Zürich. Right now, I’m sitting at a local coffee shop, and I can hear the church bells ringing close by. I got here by bus (we have two bus stops within easy walking distance from our house) and […]

Two weeks…Three New Ancestors…

It’s a gloomy, rainy day here in Chicago, and it seems rather fitting that today. So many Ancestors in so short of time. I’ve already done my rituals: lit candles and incense. But today I feel the need to write about them and what they meant to me. A little less than two weeks ago, […]

Lent Poetry: Food Addiction

(I missed a day! Oops) when I know I have to eat or when I have to not eat a particular thing because it makes me ill it’s like I have to welcome a demon in just to feel well: that demon being the one that tells me how ugly I am and how unacceptable […]


I refuse to moralize you I refuse to fight you, count you, or categorize you as good or evil. I’ll try not to restrict you unless I absolutely have to. I’ll make sure to invite you in even during the times where I feel I don’t deserve you. Because I can’t exist without you. You […]

Because I Want To!

I’ve been doing a lot of “adulting” in the last few weeks, most specifically around beauty and health. I’m a little conflicted around talking about my own health stuff online, since I know that for other people (including myself) there are times I just don’t want to hear about someone’s exercise schedule, especially because our […]