I am a Patriot

I woke up in November to a country that wasn’t what I was promised by my parents by school by Plymouth Rock and Strawberry Bank. No more Lady Liberty, no more freedom of Religion, no more melting pot, no more School House Rock America. And yes, this was the Beautiful Dream. A dream that wasn’t […]

To the Conservatives and Trump voters who follow me or know me:

I posted this to a conservative sf/f author’s website today. They have talked many times about feeling “othered” in the sf/f community because they’re conservative, even though they’re LGBTQA affirming (including writing many books about LGBTQA/gender-queer romances, etc). I’m posting it here, too, for those conservatives who have been saying today “But, I didn’t vote […]

This Is Where We Are Now

The world is a very weird place right now. This morning I woke up to my British friends, and my British wife, angry and freaking out about their country. I don’t blame them. They woke up this morning to see just how far bigotry and xenophobia is entrenched in their country. What’s hard for me […]