March comes in more like a cranky bear.

Welcome to March, friends. It’s been a year since my Wife and I started quarantining, and I’m kind of over it. Switzerland has been slow rolling out vaccines, and while I’m happy for everyone I know gettings vaccines in the States (especially my mom and dad!), I’m a little bit jealous, too. I’d rather hear […]

Lent Poetry: Hail

I heard the tiny pings of the hail from my office it was a strange sound- one I had not heard in a long time it made me glad I was inside because the last time I heard hail I had to ask the Gods to save me (and they did)

Lent Poetry: Unfamiliar

3 weeks from now I will be in a different town with snow a lake and people In a new house that will smell the way only new places have like bleach and Pledge and paint The cats will hate us and then explore the new house claiming their territories as we claim bedrooms and […]

Lent Poem #1: Beginnings

I almost didn’t write this today getting caught up in politics and facebook and tumblr and youtube and and and and *pause* But I did remember. doubt and fear didn’t stop me this time am I finally learning not to be afraid of my own words? let’s find out…