Survey Intragalactic Series Book 1

In this futuristic adventure, computer scientist Kiah Hasan, physicist Nigel Evans, and Captain Josh Walker embark on a mission to the Kuiper Belt on the space station known as Trinity. When simmering political tensions on Earth erupt into war, the Trinity Station crew disappears, only to be found a century later by Admiral Darren Winters. Dr. Hasan’s AGI experiments have led the descendants of the former Trinity crew to make remarkable technological advancements in order to survive on massive ships in deep space, culminating in the birth of the new nation of Survey. But when Admiral Winters is tasked with finding the youngest AI, Loki, who vanishes after a tragic accident, he discovers a dangerous secret that could threaten Survey’s future. Can Admiral Winters and psychologist Dr. Alex Campos uncover Loki’s fate before it’s too late?

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If you prefer audiobooks, an abridged version of Survey is available through my Tales from Flat Space Podcast.