Yuletide Pen Pr0n

The Wife knows me so well, and she is the Awesomest Penabling Wife (fight me!). Share my pen squee! 🙂 This is an Esterbrook 407 Dip-less pen! It’s an antique from the 1940s (ish) and it writes like a dream! I cleaned it well, and filled it with the Pilot Iroshizuku ink “shin-ryoku” which is […]

It’s finally Fall!

Hello Fall! Oh how I have missed you! The turning of the leaves! The blessedly cold air! The stews, bread, and other cold weather food! Ah, it’s my favorite time of year! August was a bit of a rough month, as you can tell by the fact that I didn’t have an update for you […]

Rainy July with Fountain Pens

It’s almost the end of July, and I’ve been busy writing and editing. I’ve finished my initial edit passes of the first series of books, and they’re now with my beta readers. I still hope to have the books out by the end of the year, and the Wife and I are also looking into […]

It’s hot. So hot.

It’s summer in Zurich.  And it’s friggin’ hot. We bought a new portable AC for my room, so I have temporarily moved my computer into my bedroom so I can work on my writing without turning into a puddle of hot goo. My body is so not made for heat. It’s made for cold. (Plus, […]

March comes in more like a cranky bear.

Welcome to March, friends. It’s been a year since my Wife and I started quarantining, and I’m kind of over it. Switzerland has been slow rolling out vaccines, and while I’m happy for everyone I know gettings vaccines in the States (especially my mom and dad!), I’m a little bit jealous, too. I’d rather hear […]