Site move is done.

Thankfully! Hopefully that’s the end of the weirdness for awhile. I am back from Mallorca, although the Wife will be there for a little while longer. Still working on book five and waiting for edits to come back for the first four. Writing is going slowly, but life, you know? Hope you all are doing […]

Sunshine Adventure

This month’s post is a bit late due to the fact that I went to Florida to visit my parents and celebrate my birthday with them. I swam a lot, got very tan, and even saw an alligator! The trip there was a bit of an adventure, since the day I left there was a […]

Rutsch guet übere!

It was a good holiday season here in Switzerland. The Wife and I went to London at the beginning of December and had a lovely time with our friend Bat. Our hotel was pretty swank, too, and I splurged on a mani-pedi at the hotel spa! We also went to Portsmouth to visit a friend […]

Our Moving Date is now set!

As of today, we will be leaving the US for Zurich, Switzerland on July 27th! EEEEPPP!!! The best bet for getting in touch with either of us after July 15 is to email, text, or Google Hangouts. (My regular phone number will work until I get a new sim card there.) OMG!!


So, we now know we need to be in Zurich for August 1, so that means we’ll be leaving at the end of July. We still have a lot of stuff to get rid of, but it looks like we might have an apartment already! It’s a lot smaller than here, of course, but it’s […]