Tales from Flat Space: Survey reading is complete!

As of yesterday, the entire novel of “Survey” is now available on the Tales from Flat Space Podcast! So, if you prefer audiobooks, you can now binge the entire book! This Friday, I’ll be starting my read of “Unity” live on my Twitch stream on Fridays at 9 pm Central European time (3 pm Eastern/ […]

Spring Storms

It’s March, and we’re already getting Spring storms here in Switzerland. We recently had a storm which scared the crap out of me and the Wife one night. I have a large window in my bedroom that has an awning that I usually have closed because I like it dark in my room. During the […]

16 Days!

OMG FOLKS!! In a little over two weeks, on February 1st, my books come out! I am so incredibly excited! AND! We’ll be having a live release party on February 5th on Twitch! There will be giveaways of ebooks and papers books, with the grand prize being signed paper copies of all 4 books!  You […]

NaNoWriMo, Book Progress, and now on Twitch!

November has been a busy month! My proofreader finished up the last novel of the first series of the Survey books, which means we’re going into formatting mode now! Yay! We’re looking at a release date somewhere in early 2023. I’ve also discovered that there are writers who stream on Twitch, and now I’m one […]

It’s hot. So hot.

It’s summer in Zurich.  And it’s friggin’ hot. We bought a new portable AC for my room, so I have temporarily moved my computer into my bedroom so I can work on my writing without turning into a puddle of hot goo. My body is so not made for heat. It’s made for cold. (Plus, […]