Content Warnings

Author note: These are all the content warnings that I could come up with at the time of publication. If you feel that I should add additional warnings, please feel free to contact me.

Survey Intragalactic Series

Survey: Emotional, sexual, and physical abuse; religious abuse; death of characters; assassination attempt; violence; narcissistic abusive character; war.

Unity: PTSD; bug aliens; emotional, sexual, and physical abuse; racism; slavery; religious abuse; ritualistic abuse; transphobia; sexual harassment; sexual assault; BDSM punishment; lynching; mass execution; extreme violence.

Colony: Extreme violence; BDSM; assault; murder; transphobia; suicide.

Consortium: Emotional abuse; rape; assault; alcoholism; murder; ritualistic murder; militaristic violence; transphobia; racism. Includes violence against a minor.

The Four Keys

Metaphorical depictions of death; mix of religious pantheons.