Coming in 2022

Survey Series

Survey: In the far future, on a globally sponsored science station, a woman discovers the key to making a functional AGI work in the midst of political unrest.

Unity: A military chaplain and her bodyguard get embroiled in a major conspiracy that threatens the human colonies of Unity and the AI Nation of Survey.

Colony: After the events of Unity, Jenny returns to her home colony where she meets someone she didn’t expect and uncovers a secret that could bring down the colonies.

Consortium: After the events of Unity, Jack and Marsha get assigned by Survey to help an AI who had been exiled and has asked for help.

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Other Books

The Four Keys

The Four Keys is more than a journey, it is a revelation. It’s more than a mythology, it’s a personal awakening. Sometimes who you think you are and what you are called to do is much different from the journey you end up taking.

The Four Keys is available on Amazon Kindle or in paperback (US Link DE Link ), or you can contact me for additional formats.

Gender and Transgender in Modern Paganism

I was lead editor for this anthology created by the Circle of Cerridwen after our activism around gender and transgender at Panthecon 2011. I also wrote the preface. The book was published in 2012 by the Circle of Cerridwen.

The book is available for download for free, or paper copies can be bought through