Blessed Samhain

I suppose this is a fitting time to write this post, as the last two months have been long ones for both me and my wife. My Father-in-Law passed away on August 25th after suffering several strokes and vascular dementia. It was really difficult for my wife, for a lot of reasons, and it was […]

New Fanfic: Shadow Pawns (The Elder Scrolls Online)

There was a plot whoops in Blackwood with the Dark Brotherhood, so I did some headcanon for it. Enjoy! 🙂 Shadow Pawns (5398 words) by worthyadvisorChapters: 1/1Fandom: Elder Scrolls Online, Elder ScrollsRating: General AudiencesWarnings: No Archive Warnings ApplyCharacters: Elam Drals, Eveli Sharp-Arrow, Original Dunmer Character(s) (Elder Scrolls), Original Argonian Character(s) (Elder Scrolls)Additional Tags: Headcanon, Elder […]

May Update- Short and Sweet

It’s May 2022. Good lord, it feels like it’s been a million years since I last posted. Lots of family stuff in the last few weeks, which I won’t get in to, but it’s been a bit of a rollercoaster. It’s been a few months since I finished my first 4 novels. They’ve been in […]

Site move is done.

Thankfully! Hopefully that’s the end of the weirdness for awhile. I am back from Mallorca, although the Wife will be there for a little while longer. Still working on book five and waiting for edits to come back for the first four. Writing is going slowly, but life, you know? Hope you all are doing […]

Brief update:

Writing is going slow, but that’s because I’m also in the middle of working with an editor and proofreader. Response to the books from folks who are helping with the editing process has been awesome. I feel like the novels are now getting closer to publication! Next, though, comes formatting, cover art, doing dead tree […]

So. Many. Pens. (And Ink!)

Look at all this! Most of this was birthday haul, since my birthday was in January. Yes, I know, I’m a pen and ink addict. Obviously. The dip pens in the front are my new obsession, since I can use any ink with them, including shimmer inks (which tend to clog regular fountain pens). The […]

Yuletide Pen Pr0n

The Wife knows me so well, and she is the Awesomest Penabling Wife (fight me!). Share my pen squee! 🙂 This is an Esterbrook 407 Dip-less pen! It’s an antique from the 1940s (ish) and it writes like a dream! I cleaned it well, and filled it with the Pilot Iroshizuku ink “shin-ryoku” which is […]