Brief update:

Writing is going slow, but that’s because I’m also in the middle of working with an editor and proofreader. Response to the books from folks who are helping with the editing process has been awesome. I feel like the novels are now getting closer to publication!

Next, though, comes formatting, cover art, doing dead tree proofs, then, finally, getting it out to you all! My impatient self wants them done RIGHT NOW, but my rational brain knows that it’s a marathon, not a sprint. So, I try and work on the 5th book between edits.

One interesting bit for folks who like journaling and RPGs: I was introduced to this journaling RPG called “Over the Mountain” by Marz Corbeau, and it’s been fun to play with it. It might actually be the start of a totally different type of novel (read: Non-Survey Universe). I also had to bring out my pink sparkly dice for it, but it’s been fun. I’m not doing a full version of the game (I’m mostly doing the time/place/person prompts), but some of my other friends are and love it! I also like the fact that you “win” by filling the journal! I have plenty of journals and notebooks that I could fill with a game like this!

Also been playing a lot of Elder Scrolls Online. If you’re on the EU server and want to say hello, ping me and I’ll give you my info.

OK, back to the grind…

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One thought on “Brief update:

  1. Gina, I am so so happy you are working with an editor and proof reader! This is a big step! You’re really making your dreams come true, and I am so proud of you!! Definitely a marathon, not a sprint, and COVID has certainly brought that point home. Over the Mountain sounds really cool—I looked it up! Even better with pink sparkly dice!! I didn’t know there were these kinds of games. Keep up all the good work! And, it was great talking to you on Tuesday—can’t wait til next month! Love, Jana

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