So. Many. Pens. (And Ink!)

Look at all this! Most of this was birthday haul, since my birthday was in January. Yes, I know, I’m a pen and ink addict. Obviously.

The dip pens in the front are my new obsession, since I can use any ink with them, including shimmer inks (which tend to clog regular fountain pens). The the three fancy ones came from Papier Plume in New Orleans. The black one is a glass pen. The green handled pen takes metal nibs, and I bought some artist nibs that work like regular fountain pens and hold a lot of ink. They both write really well! The brass dip pen came with a regular metal nib, but I recently got a special brass dip nib (that works like a glass nib) from a Japanese company called Kakimori. I also got the round bottle of ink (their #2 torori) which is a great ink, and the clear and gold demonstrator pen. It’s a pen made by Sailor for Kakimori. It’s a nice pen, and inexpensive, and writes rather nicely, with a bit of feedback.

The wooden dip pen was an antique ebay find from Russia, and I love writing with it. It’s light, but rather well balanced.

The pens with the orange and pink caps are Pilot kakuno pens. They are mostly styled as pens for kids, but they are really good writers for being cheap and cheerful! I have some Pilot pigment inks in them right now, and they seem to be fine.

The light blue and dark blue pens on the left are both from Ferris Wheel Press. The light blue is the Carousel fountain pen, and it writes pretty well and is pretty similar to the kakuno pens. The dark blue pen, the Roundabout, is a rollerball pen that you can fill like a fountain pen!! To my surprise, to works really well! Although, it only really like Ferris Wheel Press ink, so you’ll want to buy a bottle of ink to go with it. Speaking of ink, the two round bottles are also from Ferris Wheel Press. They are both jade green inks, but one has silver glitter and is called Moonlit Jade, and the other has gold glitter and is called Sunlit Jade. They are such beautiful inks!

The white pen is Lamy’s new Dialog CC capless fountain pen. I love it, and it’s so much better that the Dialog 3, in my opinion. It’s a Lamy, too, so it just writes, and writes well.

The large pen behind the Lamy is the Opus 88. It’s a dropper fill pen that holds a massive amount of ink. It writes a lot like the Lamy, although you have to remember to open up the knob on the back of the pen to release ink to the nib (works kind of like a vacuum fill pen in that regard).

The last pen is the orange and black glittery pen, which is the Foxglove fountain pen from Benu. It’s a beautifully weird and wonderful pen, with a lovely nib. But the sparkle is awesome!! If you love glitter, Benu pens are for you!

Most of the inks are from Diamine, and I’ve gushed about Diamine inks forever. They’re one of my favorite ink brands. The strange looking bottle is “Seaon’s Greetings” which is a Diamine sheening ink from their Blue Inkvent collection, and it’s rather lovely. Sheens a lot like the Sheen Machine ink. It’s really cool looking under bright light.

I’ve also gotten the three newest colors of the Pilot iroshizuku inks, which are beautiful, too, and my other favorite brand of ink.

The last ink bottle, the square one on the right, is the Sailor Manyo ink called “Haha”. To be honest, while I do think the ink is a beautiful shading blue, I mostly got it for the name.

Still writing snail mail letters to folks and still loving my pen collection, so if you’d like a letter from me, let me know!

I’ll post more of a writing update in the next few days, but for now, enjoy the pen porn! 🙂

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  1. I just love all of your beautiful pens! You’re becoming a true collector. I had no idea there were so many different kinds. And glitter ink! Gorgeous!

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