Einen guten Rutsch ins neue Jahr!

Happy New Year! I hope you and your families had a wonderful holiday season despite Covid. It was quiet here at our home in Zurich, and to be honest, I like our quiet holidays. The Wife and I like our little cozy Yuletide.

As you saw from my previous post, I got a lot of pen stuff for Yule, which is awesome! I’ll have a birthday pen haul on my next post!

Yesterday was my 46th birthday and it was a lovely day! Slept in, made myself pulled pork and black beans for burritos, watched a silly 80s movie, and had cake. Then I played Elder Scrolls Online for many hours. I call that a good day! It also shows that you can take the girl from California, but there are some California things that stick around. Mexican food is one of those things. The thing is that I have to learn how to make it all from scratch because, well, Switzerland is NOT California. The next thing I need to learn to make is mole sauce, because, OMG, mole is amazing!

On the writing front, the Wife (who is my agent, first editor, cover artist, and technical consultant) and I hired an editor to go over the first four novels. I’m hoping that this means we’ll be able to publish the books sometime this summer. I’m not committing to a date yet, since the books will be done when they’re done and no sooner. (No matter how much my brain wants them out RIGHT NOW!)

I’ve been taking a break from writing other stuff, but I have many ideas that I hope will pull together into a more coherent plot. Writing has days when the book more or less writes itself, and days where the plot is nowhere to be found. It can be infuriating and awesome all at the same time. 

One thing of note is that I’m back on Facebook again. If you want to keep up with book news there, you can check out my author page (although, you’re more apt to hear about announcements if you sign up to this blog via email). If you’re someone I know outside of social media, or someone I’ve known online for a long time, feel free to send a personal friend request.

Hope you’re all getting your vaccinations! I ranted about this on Tumblr and it seemed to go viral a bit. It’s still amazing to me how many people deny the facts of science, but well, that’s how the 2020s are going…


The Four Keys – Download or get a paperback version from Amazon: US Link – German Link

I write fanfiction, too (all PG/PG-13): AO3 Fanfiction

In Progress

Survey Foundation Series

Survey: In the far future, on a globally sponsored science station, a woman discovers the key to making a functional AGI work in the midst of political unrest. (First Draft Complete – with Editor Kate)

Unity: A military chaplain and her bodyguard get embroiled in a major conspiracy that threatens the humans colonies of Unity and the AIs Nation of Survey. (First Edit Pass Complete – with Editor Kate)

Colony: After the events of Unity, Jenny returns to her home colony where she, Lulu and another agent realize that someone else was also behind the New Harmonists pulling strings. (First Draft Complete! –with Editor Kate)

Consortium: After the events of Unity, Jack and Marsha get assigned by Survey to help an AI who had been exiled and has asked for help. (First Draft Complete– with Editor Kate)

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