Yuletide Pen Pr0n

The Wife knows me so well, and she is the Awesomest Penabling Wife (fight me!). Share my pen squee! 🙂

This is an Esterbrook 407 Dip-less pen! It’s an antique from the 1940s (ish) and it writes like a dream! I cleaned it well, and filled it with the Pilot Iroshizuku ink “shin-ryoku” which is a beautiful blue-green ink! You fill the glass bit with ink, and then use the lever to fill the pen, and you have a perpetual inkwell! It’s so awesome! Also, the base is bakelite!

I love this letter opener! It’s so cute! The Wife says that her great-grandmother had something similar! 🙂

This is a wax seal burner and a wax seal with my initial on it! I’m so excited to use this for my next round of pen pal letters!

It came with a whole bunch of wax, too, which I’m looking forward to trying!

This is a French antique dip pen set with a letter opener and wax seal (plain with no design. We think that it was for sealing ribbon). It is so beautiful! It’s so different to write with, but it’s so comfortable to use! The Wife says that it’s probably around 100 years old!! It’s just so gorgeous, and this picture really doesn’t do this set justice!

I mean, look how cool my desk looks now! Squee!!! 🙂

(Oh, the little bottles of ink are from the Diamine Inkvent Calendar. They are really good, and I like a lot of them, and hope that they do larger bottles for at least 2 of them!)

Blessed Yule everyone! 🙂

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