New Art Stuff!

The new camera!

As I mentioned in my previous post, I have a new camera. It’s a Fuji X-A3, and I love it! I have 12, 28, and 50 mm lenses for it. While I really liked The Wife’s Nikon Df, this camera is about half the size (and weight) of the Df, and I think it works pretty similarly, except that it’s mirrorless (aka doesn’t have a view finder). I’ve been doing a lot of going around town, but I did get a lot of pictures when Kat and I went to the Schilthorn a couple weeks ago.

Here are the pictures I took near the Zuerich Opera House. When I first got the camera, I took a lot of pictures at Sihlcity. There’s also the set I took at Buerkliplatz, which is across from the Zuerich Opera House. (The picture of the old man on the bench is one of my favorites.) And of course, the Schilthorn pictures.

I’m still learning the lenses and the camera at the moment, but I’m getting a lot of pictures I like. It’s a lot of fun, too, and is a good excuse to go out and explore more of the city.

Ashford E-Spinner 3

On the fiber art front, I decided to start doing spinning and weaving again, now that the weather is cooler. The problem was that I liked to sit and spin while watching TV with The Wife, but the way our living room is here, I couldn’t use my Louet Victoria (manual travel wheel) to do that. I remembered that there was such a thing as electric wheels, and decided to do some research and get one. I ended up with an Ashford E-spinner 3, which is quite lovely and works a treat. What’s really surprising me is that it can spin up so much yarn in such a short period of time. It’s also really nice to only have to focus on drafting! Part of me wonders why I didn’t get one sooner!

I also sold my tapestry loom to a nice person in the States through Ravelry. I realized that tapestry weaving, while really interesting, is not entirely my thing. It was more frustrating to me than relaxing, which is a lot of why I do spinning and weaving in the first place. Hopefully, it’s new owner will have a good time with it, and I can go back to finishing the project on my rigid heddle loom. (Which, I’m sad to say, has been sitting there for months.)

Art is good, and I always thank my mom for making sure I did some sort of art. Hooray for sanity preservation! 🙂

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