Excerpt from “Jailbreaking the Goddess” by Lasara Firefox Allen

I just got my copy of Jailbreaking the Goddess by Lasara Firefox Allen in the mail today. I’ll admit now that I read an early copy of the book and was thrilled by this re-visioning of the cycle of the Goddess! Even though I’ve read it before, I’m reading it again, because I think this is incredibly important. This moves Goddess spirituality away from being defined by cis-gender biology into a fluid system that is inclusive of everyone, including those who are gender-variant.

The most radical chapter, and in my mind and experience the most important, is Chapter 2: “More Than Our Biology” where Lasara discusses how the Maiden, Mother, Crone cycle is inherently patriarchal:

“In adhering to a biology-based model for the feminal divine, we have carried the seed of inequality forward, disguised as worship of the feminine. At the core, the maiden, mother, and crone model for the feminine divine is a patriarchal system rooted in the ideology of ownership and utility. When our utility is our meaning, our bodies are community property.”

As a woman who has PCOS and a uterus that she doesn’t need or want, and the wife of a transgender woman, this chapter makes me incredibly happy. In fact, this is something that has always confused me about TERFs, really. Why should anyone’s womanhood be predicated on their ability to breed?

But I digress…

If you are looking for a new way to look at cycle of the Goddess, or looking for a more inclusive Goddess spirituality, you should get this book. You should also listen to when Lasara and I talked about the Five Fold Goddess in the interview I did with her on This Week In Heresy.

Go get this book. Read it. Read it a couple of times. Give it to your friends….


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