Thou Art Goddess

One of my oft-heard complaints is that we need to have more body representation in our deity images. Now that my wife has renewed her photography art, we both got the push to create a picture of a Goddess with specific attributes. We did the photoshoot this morning, and here’s the final composition:


We’re not quite sure who, exactly, this Goddess is (although, if anyone has any ideas, feel free to let me know in the comments, or through email).

It was a lot of fun doing the shoot, and I did all my own makeup! This involved buying a good deal of black makeup and white goth foundation. (Thank you Manic Panic and SugarPill!) The dress is some magick we did with red satin, and the candles are what we’ve had around for magickal use. (I won’t give away all of the magick behind the shoot, although, if you want the nerdy details, let me or my wife know.) The wife did the photoshopping and tweaking, and the end result is, to me, quite amazingly awesome!

I love this because the way the fabric looks, I look like I’m bubbling out of the Earth. Somewhat like lava. Oooh, doing art like this makes me so happy!

The wife and I definitely want to do more pictures like this, and possibly not just me as the deity, either. If anyone wants to come play with us, especially doing non-standard images of deity, let us know. Obviously, we don’t shy away from the weird and wonderful!

Ok, I’m going to go squee some more…:)

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