Second Week of Advent: Peace


Naruto Fan Art by Svertz on Deviant Art. Naruto by Masashi Kishimoto. I’m just playing in his world.

“Hey, Kurama!” Naruto whispered.

“Shouldn’t you be sleeping?”

Naruto looked up at the ceiling. “Can’t sleep.”

Kurama let out a long suffering sigh. “You’re not going to make me tell you a story, are you?”


They were both quiet for a minute. Naruto closed his eyes and saw himself in the inner space he shared with Kurama. The Nine-Tailed Fox eyed him for a moment. “You’re getting better at that.”

“Huh. I guess all that sage training paid off. It’s easier to do this stuff now.”

“What do you want?”

Naruto stood in thought for a moment. “You don’t mind being my friend, do you?”

“I don’t know if ‘friend’ is the right term…”


The fox looked at him. It was one of those times where it seemed that Kurama looked through him, rather than at him. It made Naruto feel weird sometimes, but tonight, for some reason, he didn’t mind.

“No, Naruto. I don’t mind.”

“Thanks, Kurama. I think I can sleep now.”

Kurama put his head down on his paws as the inner-self Naruto faded. No, Naruto, he thought, I don’t mind. You may be an idiot, but because of our friendship I now have found peace…and purpose.

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